A recent placement for Great Rail Journeys, voiced over by Joanna Lumley and currently sponsoring her travel documentaries

British Airways placement featuring Lyn Slater

An album commission featuring elements of traditional Japanese music placed in the opening and closing sequences of this documentary on Noh Theatre. The sequel, featuring another track from the same album, can be found here

Recently, Shin travelled to Lisbon to record his music with the Cascais & Oeiras Chamber Orchestra. Here is an extract from the interview with Shutterstock about the process:

We were able to communicate really effectively with the Lisbon players. Asking for adjustments big and small between takes was a breeze and they took it all onboard in a matter of seconds. There were some tricky techniques for the players, and they embraced them. It was brilliant to witness.

Read the full article here and listen to the music here

Production music contributions